Fig - Bavarian Violetta
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Bavarian Violetta Fig
Ficus carica
Fig - Bavarian Violetta

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New to the Seattle area. Has done well for some local gardeners. A patented variety. Here is what is claimed by the German company that I think has patented the variety.
Probably the most frost resistant fig among the tasty figs
Frost resistant up to –20° Celsius for a few days (about –4° Fahrenheit) at a protected location with winter protection
Early ripening, possible in July
Fruit weight of up to 111 grams is possible
Very rich bearing; one fruit per leaf is normal
Two fruit per leaf is only possible on older plants with optimal nourishment
Very sweet and tasty fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals
Used as herbal medicine in former days
Can slenderise, promotes digestion
Can sensualise
Used as fresh fruit, in salads, for jams and in a variety of desserts
I had one fruit ripen for me in 2010. The winter of 2010-11 (+5F) killed this small tree to ground level. It came back in the summer of 2011.

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