Mulberry - Yankton Black
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Morus alba
Mulberry - Yankton Black

Acquired: 1979
How started:
Source: Gurney Seed and Nursery, Yankton, SD

This plant was a free gift for ordering a chestnut tree from Gurney's mail order nursery when it was located in Yankton, South Dakota. This tree is one of the oldest in my landscape. It was planted in 1979. The fruit, classified as a drupe, is black and very sweet. It is lacking tartness, so it usually gets mixed with cherries or raspberries that are ripe at the same time, for a more full taste experience. Birds prefer the mulberries over the pie cherrries, which is okay by me.

To harvest, I hold a wide bucket under a branch, and then shake. I pick out the bugs. leaves, twigs and or non-fruit bits. I eat the berries with the stems on. My hands get stained whenever I harvest these things.

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