Daylily - Common
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Daylily blossom.
Hemerocallis fulva
Daylily - Common

Uses: Blossoms, buds, roots
Acquired: 2004
How started:

Many parts of the Common Daylily are edible. According to the Plants of a Future website, here is what you can eat.

Flowers - raw or cooked. The petals are thick and crunchy, making very pleasant eating raw, with a nice sweetness at the base because of the nectar. The flowers can also be dried and used as a thickener in soups. In this case, they are picked when somewhat withered and closed. A rich source of iron. The dried flower contains about 9.3% protein. 25% fat[?typo?], 60% carbohydrate (rich in sugar), 0.9% ash. It is rich in vitamin A.

Flower buds - raw or cooked. A pea-like flavor. Can be dried and used as a relish.

Tubers - raw or cooked. A nutty flavor. Young tubers are best.

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