Pine - Lacebark
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Pinecone of Lace-Bark Pine.
Pinus bungeana
Pine - Lacebark

Uses: Nuts
Acquired: 2002
How started: Potted Plant
Source: Sky Nursery, Shoreline, WA

The Lacebark Pine is a multi-stemmed tree with a broad and open form and medium length green needles. It produces ovular cones between 2 and 3 inches long with broad, spiky scales. Perhaps the most notable feature of the Lacebark Pine is its multi-colored exfoliating bark, from which the name is derived.

This pine tree was our little Christmas tree during the year the house was under construction in 2002. It went out in the garden the following spring.

The pinenut is of reasonable size, being up to 10mm x 8mm. The oil-rich nut has a resinous flavor.

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