Fennel - Wild
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Flying critter coming to feed on fennel blossoms.
Foeniculum vulgare
Fennel - Wild

Uses: Whole plant
Acquired: 1980
How started:
Source: Wild seedling, from birds or other critters

I think the original plant came from a vacant lot in downrown Seattle foraged around 1980. Since then the plant has seeded itself with the help of the birds and the wind.

Chewing on a few umbels of blossoms or a bunch of green seeds is better than any gum or candy while I am doing yard work in the hot sun.

One of the reasons I like fennel is that it attracts a huge variety of flying critters that feed on the nectar and pollen. Wasps, bees and assorted other insects. What a diversity. Wasps are especially fond of fennel. Wasps come in many sizes and I can only guess at what role each plays in the ecosystem. Come and feast on the fennel, all you flying masses.

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