Cherry - Montmorency
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Prunus cerasus
Cherry - Montmorency

Acquired: 1974
How started:
Source: Sky Nursery, Shoreline, WA

Pie cherry. A seedling of Cerise Hâtive or Cerise Commune. Montmorency Valley, France, before 1600. Introduced to the U.S. about 1830. The most famous of all pie cherries. Not widely grown in Europe or Russia but long the standard of excellence in the U.S. Firm-fleshed bright red fruit makes a clear light pink juice.

My tree is pretty old and not productive. I have planted a Meteor Cherry near it as a replacement. The last good harvest was in 2006 when I picked about 15 pounds of fruit. I decided to take up wine making with that big harvest. So my first homemade wine was pure Montmorency Cherry juice. It tastes like a cherry pie.

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