Viburnum - Manchurian
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Manchurian Viburnum.
Viburnum burejaeticum
Viburnum - Manchurian

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The Oikos Nursery catalog says of Viburnum burejaeticum "This is one of our favorite viburnums both for its edible fruit and its flower display. Fragrant 4-inch clusters of white flowers followed by red fruit that turn black when fully ripe. Tastes a lot like raisins. Not a lot of pulp but has a nice sweet blend of prune. Very productive in the fruit department. Drought tolerant. Height and spread to 8 ft. depending on the location." Another description says of the fruit "a hint of licorice from the few he got to sample." A Russian report hints at chocolate flavors when the berries are fermented [1] "Sweet infusion ... Letniy vecher (Summer Evening) – based on Viburnum burejaeticum - has a pleasant chocolate taste due to the alcoholized fruit drink."

A rare chinese species named after the Bureia mountains in China. Synonym Viburnum burejanum. Grows to 15' with lantana-like leaves, only finer textured. Leaves are shinier and more narrow than V. lantana. Young shoots are covered with a dense down which they loose the following year, revealing an almost white bark. Fertile white flowers in May producing fruit that progress from red to blue-black. Red-yellow fall color.

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