Currant - Wilder
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Wilder Red Currant.
Ribes rubrum
Currant - Wilder

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How started:
Source: Emery's Garden (closed), Lynnwood, WA

A old variety of red currant. This description is taken from an 1917 publication [1].
"The story of the Wilder (red currant) as given us by the originator, E. Y. Teas of Irvington, Indiana (now, 1917, a resident of Eaton, Ohio), is as follows:
About 1876 I selected a few fine La Versaillaise currants and planted the seeds. At one year old I transplanted them and when they came into bearing I selected the plant with the finest fruit and propagated it as best I could. About 1880 I sold 100 plants to Chapin and Willard (as I remember the firm) naming the currant 'President Wilder' in honor of President Wilder of the American Pomological Society.
Mr. S. D. Willard the introducer said that the Wilder excelled all other red currants he had fruited "in productiveness, quality, color, and all essentials for an excellent market currant, and one for home use combined."

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