Purple Chokeberry - Ecos Strain
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Purple Chokeberries.
Aronia x prunifolia
Purple Chokeberry - Ecos Strain

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Aronia x prunifolia is a hybrid deciduous shrub that is called purple chokeberry (or purple-fruited chokeberry) in recognition of its purple berries. It is considered to be a natural hybrid between Aronia melanocarpa and Aronia arbutifolia. It typically grows slowly to 8-12’ tall. It tends to sucker somewhat like amelanchiers (serviceberries). Clusters (corymbs) of 5-petaled, white (sometimes tinged pink) flowers (1/2” across) appear in spring. Flowers are followed by abundant purple fruits (1/3” diameter) which appear in dense clusters along the branches. Fruits ripen in late summer and persist throughout fall and well into winter. Obovate to elliptic, dark green leaves (to 3” long) are grayish-green and hairy beneath. Foliage turns wine red in autumn. Common name of chokeberry is in reference to the tart and bitter berries which are technically edible but so astringent as to cause choking in those who try. This hybrid was originally named Aronia prunifolia with a range of Newfoundland to Ontario south to Virginia and Indiana.

From the Oikos catalog:
Wild Strain-Central Michigan Prolific-Dense Clusters of Small Fruit Edible Landscape
Vast acres of this plant grow in mid Michigan usually surrounded by holly, popular, blueberries and pin oak. Fruit is produced in dense clusters all along the branches. Has a fuller flavor than Nero. Can grow in dry soil and part shade. Reddish-purple fall color. Our Ecos strain was collected from a dense stand with full clusters of fruit. Plants produce when 2-3' tall. 6 ft. tall with a 4 ft. width at maturity.

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