Elderberry - Samyl
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Samyl Elderberries.
Sambucus nigra
Elderberry - Samyl

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Samyl Elderberry is a highly vigorous and productive variety from the same Danish breeding program of Samdal, Sampo and Samidan. This program is located at the Research Center for Horticulture in Arslev, Denmark, and are managed by K. Kaack. The goal of the program was to produce varieties well suited for juice production. The work is documented in the paper "New varieties of elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) in the journal Tidsskrift for Planteavl, 1989, Vol. 93, No. 1, pp. 59-65:

"Two experiments with 14 new elderberry cultivars were carried out. The standard cultivar used for comparison was Sambu. The plant characteristics were evaluated using an annual pruning in order to keep the plants as bushes with many strong and upright shoots. Fruit yield, optimal harvest time, umbel weight, fruit weight, % fruit in the umbels and juice yield by pressing were determined. The fruit quality was evaluated in terms of the content of anthocyanin, titratable acid, soluble dry matter, and the flavour score of sweet juice. On the basis of bush yield, fruit anthocyanin content, number of upright shoots and the flavour score, 4 cultivars were selected as commercially valuable and were named Samidan, Samdal, Sampo and Samyl."

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