Barberry - Regels
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Regel's Barberry fruit.
Berberis regeliana
Barberry - Regels

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The Forest Farm Nursery catalog says the following.
"Of upright 2-4' stature for hedge or foundation, this shrub also offers yellow flowers followed by clusters of red fruits."

Also known as Berberis amurensis and Berberis vulgaris amurensis. Plants for a Future says the fruit is used for preserves.

Bulletin of popular information - Arnold Arboretum, number 33, October 25, 1912 says this:
"This large shrub has the habit of the common barberry, but the leaves are larger and of a rather paler shade of yellow, and the fruit is more brilliant; in the autumn the leaves turn orange and scarlet. This barberry was among the first of the Japanese shrubs brought to American gardens as it was cultivated at the Parsons' Nursery on Long Island fully fifty years ago (around 1860) and was then known as Berberis Hakodate."

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