Grape - Okanogan Riesling
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Vitis vinifera
Grape - Okanogan Riesling

Acquired: 2010
How started:
Source: Burnt Ridge Nursery, Onolaska, WA

From Super Glossary [1]:
This 'provenance unknown' grape is reported by some to be a cold-hardy native American labrusca hybrid. Alternatively, Canadian viticulturists believe it to be a V. Berlandieri x V. Riparia cross variety (possibly an imported vine cultivar from the group known under the collective name of Uhudler) normally only used as rootstock: i.e Teleki 8 B developed by the Teleki Research Institute, Hungary. Has synonym name of Inkameep Riesling. Usually ripening around mid-September, it is currently found on small acreages in British Columbia, Canada, the N.W. USA and, possibly, in New Zealand. Known to have no relationship to the german Riesling V. vinifera variety. Berries reported to have a Muscat-like flavor, at around 18 deg. Brix sugar content, which can then degenerate into labrusca-style flavors if allowed to ripen much further. Can be used to produce a bland varietal white-wine best used for blending although some report varietal success with a short (up to 36 hour) skin contact during fermentation.

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