Ume Boshi Plum - Kanko Bai
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Prunus mume
Ume Boshi Plum - Kanko Bai

Uses: Fruit, Flowers
Acquired: 2010
How started:
Source: Burnt Ridge Nursery, Onolaska, WA

The variety name comes from Japenese. Kan = cold. kobai = red plum ( color of flower ).

The Burnt Ridge catalog says:
"Beautiful fragrant pink flowers in late winter are surprisingly hardy, and develop into small, tart apricot like fruits that can be eaten raw, pickled in salt or made into jam. Buds and flowers are also eaten. A small, self fruitful tree."

The Raintree catalog says:
"This superior variety is prized for its profuse, beautiful, fuschia-red blooms, red tinted foliage, and orange red fruit. A particularly ornamental selection it blooms in late winter and producing tart, apricot like fruit which make excellent Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum)."

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