Chestnut - Oikos Precocious Seedling
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Oikos Precocious Seedling Chestnut.
Castanea dentate x mollisima x sativa
Chestnut - Oikos Precocious Seedling

Acquired: 2008
How started:

In Feb 2008 I purchased a seedling tree called Precocius Chestnut (PRCH-1) from Oikos Nursery. It is no longer listed in their catalog. In response to my inquiry, Ken Asmus, the owner of Oikos Nursery, sent back this response.
"At my plantings, I would find a few plants that produced nuts at a very young age sometimes when only 1-2 ft. tall. These were planted out and watched. Some are too weak to grow and die. Those that survived I collected seed from and grew the trees. These were mostly hybrids of Castanea dentate x mollisima x sativa. These are all mixed hybrids from the seedlings. The only other type we have is the chinquapin hybrid which is a mix of pumila and mollissima."

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