Oak - Dwarf Chinkapin Oak
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Dwarf Chinkapin Oak.
Quercus prinoides
Oak - Dwarf Chinkapin Oak

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Dwarf Chinkapin Oak is also known as Scrub Chestnut Oak. Oikos Nursery says this in their catalog.
"Dwarf Chinkapin is an obscure oak found in scattered populations throughout the Midwest and Northeast. It is the only oak in this area that produces runners. It is not uncommon to see small 3-4 ft. trees loaded with acorns. Trees in our orchard have fruited when 2 ft. tall. Slow growing, but extremely drought tolerant. Our seed trees were produced using wild collected seed from Nebraska found in a wide open windswept area-perfect for dwarf chinkapin oak. Acorns ripen in August and sprout quickly. Because they ripen in clusters at the end of the branches birds take note and they often fly off with the crop. Especially attractive to turkey. Height from 6-15 ft. tall with equal width. Often multi-trunked. Non-hybrid true to type seedlings."

Plants for a Future say this:
"Seed - cooked. A sweet taste. The seed is up to 15mm long, it can be dried, ground into a powder and used as a thickening in stews etc or mixed with cereals for making bread."

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