Oregon Grape - Common
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Oregon Grape.
Mahonia aquifolium
Oregon Grape - Common

Uses: Fruit, flowers, leaves
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Source: Edmonds Farmers Market, Edmonds, WA

Evergreen. Purchased at the Edmonds Farmer's Market from Ian Bush of Bush's Nursery in Arlington, Washington.

Arthur Lee Jacobson says this: "The flowerbuds, flowers, tender young leaves and immature berries are also edible raw, tasting sour like sorrel. I prefer the flavor of the low-growing species. As for the berries, eating them while green and young is more pleasing to me than waiting until they turn blue, plump with purple juice. When fully ripe they are exceedingly sour and seedy. By squeezing the juice from enough berries I have made the world's most nutritious popsicles." [1]

The Oregon Grape berries are covered by a bloom, like wine grapes. The bloom seems to be a home to a wine yeast, according to experiments by blogger Jon Hamnett [2].

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