Pear - Progres
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Progres Pear
Pyrus communis
Pear - Progres

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A small, very early european pear. Developed in Bulgaria at the Research Institute for Fruit Growing. The cross was made in 1956, and introduced for general use in 1980. Scionwood for my collection was obtained from the national pear collection in Corvallis. Pedigree: Beurre Giffard x Green Magdelene. NCGR description: Fruit: medium to small - 45g, pyriform. Skin: bright yellow. Flesh: juicy, sweet, semi-butter, aromatic, good quality, ripens June 20-25 in Corvallis. Keeping 4-5 days. Tree: moderately vigorous, highly frost resistant (spring), resistant to scab.

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