Asian Pear - Okusankichi
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Okusankichi Asian Pear
Pyrus pyrifolia
Asian Pear - Okusankichi

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Originated as a chance seedling of Wasesankichi, found in Naka Kambara, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. -- W.H. Griggs & B.T. Awakiri. 1977. Asian Pear Varieties in California.

A very old Japanese cultivar. Fruit large, turbinate or globular, calyx may be persistent, skin russeted, dull greenish brown to tan brown. Flesh moderate quality, medium high sugar, high acid. Ripe very late, 195-210 days after full bloom. Stores 6 to 7 months. Tree vigorous, very productive, susceptible to fire blight.

In China, the Okusankichi pear is known as 'Wan San Chi'.

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