Pomegranate - Nana, Seedling
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Blossom of Nana Pomegranite
Punica granatum
Pomegranate - Nana, Seedling

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Grown from a seed from a collector in California. This pomegranate tree grows outside during the warmer months, but gets potted up and brought in during winter. It blooms in spring, but no fruit yet. This plant is barely shrub-sized, forming a 1 foot diameter ball of twigs.

Pomegranate trees have two kinds of blossoms on each tree. There are functionally male flowers that only produce pollen. The male non-fruit-bearing flowers will be more narrow and vase-shaped. There are also hermaphroditic fruit-bearing flowers that can be identified by their fuller, more rounded base, which appears somewhat peanut or bell-shaped.

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