Asian Pear - Shinsui
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Pyrus pyrifolia
Asian Pear - Shinsui

Acquired: 1997
How started:

One of the oldest trees in my collection. I think I moved it twice when I lived in Seattle, and then moved it two more times since I have lived in Edmonds. This tree is on some kind of OH rootstock that limits the tree size to about 6 feet. Very dependable for me. No bugs or diseases. A good crop each year in mid August, even in the cold, wet years of 2009 and 2010.

A cross of Kikusi x Kimizukawase. From Hort Research Station in Yatabe, Japan. Released in 1967. Medium-sized round-oblate yellowish-brown russetted fruit with crisp juicy fine-textured very sweet flesh. Excellent fresh eating. Not as firm as other Asians. One of the earliest to ripen each year. Shinsui is translated as ‘new water,’ ‘adoration,’ and ‘inundation’.

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