Pear - Muskatelka Seda
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Pyrus communis
Pear - Muskatelka Seda

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GRIN number: PI 282976
Developed in: Czech Republic
Sparse information available. Here is a few descriptions from taken from Czech nursery catalogs.
The old summer pear varieties with typical Muscat flavor and aroma
size: small, egg-shaped fruit
color: yellow-green, rough skin
flesh: sweet, aromatic with a distinctive Muscat flavor, peculiar good
harvest: the first half of August
suitable for direct consumption
Resistance to frost good
creates a larger, slightly overhanging crown
base: seedling
Muscatel gray - old Czech variety. Fruit small to medium. The flesh is very juicy, medium and reeled deliquescent, sweet taste with an excellent Muscat příchutí. Dozrává nestenoměrně, usually in early August and earlier. The tree grows vigorously, very zdravě. Patří to nejotužilejším varieties strupovitotí suffering. Suitable provyšší and colder areas.

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