Plum - Methley
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A bowl of Methley Plums.
Prunus cerasifera x salicina
Plum - Methley

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A chance seedling nurtured by Willoughby Methley of Balgowan in Natal, South Africa. A french name for it is Methley de Balgowan. Probably a natural cross of Myrobolan Plum (Prunus cerasifera) and Satsuma Plum (Prunus salicina).
From C. Fuller in Natal Agricultural Journal, vol 14, 1910, pp. 279-280:

From inquires it seems that some blood plums were sent to Mr. Methley from another farm from trees growing in juxtapostion to myrobalans. After this lot of fruit had been partaken of, the stones were thrown out. From one of these pits washed down toward the sluit by the weather it is assumed the orginal Methley grew. As no other adventitious plums came into being, it is rather interesting to speculate upon this one survival, which may, of course, have been the only cross-pollenized seed of the lot.

Methley is one of the few Japanese plums that is self-fruitful. It produces medium to large, reddish-purple fruit of fine quality that are good for fresh eating or jelly. It is an early bloomer and is a good pollinator for Shiro, Santa Rosa and other early blooming Japanese plums. It ripens just ahead of Shiro. In my garden it is ripe in July.

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