Plum - Seneca
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Seneca Plum.
Prunus domestica
Plum - Seneca

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Seneca is a very large plum. It is huge. And it tastes great, which is unusual for a large plum. The neighbor thought I was growing peaches when he saw these plums hanging on the tree.

Developed by Cornell’s New York State Ag Experiment Station plum breeding program at Geneva, NY. Seneca is the result of a cross made in 1937 between the plums Fellenberg (Italian Prune) and Prinlew (Italian Prune x Bradshaw). From a population of only two seedlings, Seneca was chosen for second test trial in 1949. It has been available for trial as NY981 and listed in the catalog of the New York State Fruit Testing Cooperative Association, Geneva, N. Y. since 1956. It was named Seneca in 1972.

Seneca requires a pollinator to get a good fruit set. Orablue Plum is an open pollinated seedling of Seneca. It shares the same characterisitcs of being a very large plum and needing a pollinator.

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