Strawberry - Albion
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Fragaria x ananassa
Strawberry - Albion

Acquired: 2009
How started:

Day neutral, released by University of California in 2006. A cross of Diamante x Cal 94.16-1. Resistant to verticillium wilt, Phytophthora crown rot, and relatively resistant to anthracnose crown rot.

All of the day-neutral varieties trace back to a wild strawberry found in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah by Dr. Royce Bringhurst of the University of California---Fragaria virginiana glauca. This wild plant was hybridized with cultivated strawberries to produce a plant known under the unexciting name of "Cal. 65.65-601". California breeders backcrossed "Cal. 65.65-601" to cultivated strawberries and obtained some day-neutral varieties, three of which were released in 1979: 'Aptos', 'Hecker' and 'Brighton'. In Maryland, breeders using the same "Cal. 65.65-601 produced some varieties that were disease resistant as well as day-neutral called 'Tribute' and 'Tristar'.

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