Pineapple Guava - Feijoa
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Pineapple Guava blossom.
Acca sellowiana
Pineapple Guava - Feijoa

Uses: Fruit, Flowers
Acquired: tbd
How started: Potted Plant
Source: Richters Nursery, Ontartio, Canada

Pineapple Guava is also known as Feijoa. The latin species name has until recently been Feijoa, but is now Acca.
A zone 8 plant, it has survived the coldest winters on record in my backyard. Not cold by the standards of other parts of North America, but 5'F is the coldest I have experienced in Edmonds.
I doubt if I will ever see fruit in Edmonds, but it does bloom each year. Not only are the blossoms beautiful, they taste great too. A lovely edible flower.

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