Huckleberry - Red
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Red Huckleberries.
Vaccinium parvifolium
Huckleberry - Red

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Source: Edmonds Farmers Market, Edmonds, WA

Native to the woods of Edmonds. Purchased at the Edmonds Farmer's Market from Ian Bush of Bush's Nursery in Arlington, Washington. A very tart berry. The shiny, round red berries were used as fish bait by coastal Native Americans, who also dried them like raisins. At 3.5% Vitamin C by dry weight, these berries have about twice as much Vitamin C as rosehips, which in turn have more Vitamin C than oranges. Also high in magnesium (0.5% by dry weight). A tea is made from the dried fruit and leaves, though I have never tried it. Makes a nice jelly (see the recipe

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