Loquat - Banjo Lane seedling
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Banjo Lane Loquat seedling tree.
Eriobotrya japonica
Loquat - Banjo Lane seedling

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This is a seedling from loquat seeds sent from a friend in North Carolina. It has survived a 5'F freeze. What is a loquat? It is a small evergreen tree native to China and Japan, having fragrant white flowers and small yellow fruit with large seeds. The Loquat tree is unusual in that it blossoms in the fall or early winter, and fruits in early winter or spring. Its blossoms were used to make perfumes in the 1950s. The quality of the perfume was said to be outstanding, but the yield was low and not commercially viable. Like many pome members of the rose family, the seeds contain small amounts of cyanogenetic glycosides that smell like almond extract. This is also known as amygdalin or laetrile, also called B17, a controversial alternative medicine treatment for cancer, usually obtained from apricot pits.

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