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Common Name Species Uses Date Acquired How Started Source X1 Y1
Strawberry - Selekta Fragaria x ananassa 2010 137.55 238.55
Sweet Cicely Myrrhis odorata Whole plant 1978 Medicinal Herb Garden, Univ of Wash, Seattle
Ugni - Chilean Guava Ugni molinae tbd Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle 165.2 238.2
Ume Boshi Plum - Kanko Bai Prunus mume Fruit, Flowers 2010 Burnt Ridge Nursery, Onolaska, WA
Viburnum - Manchurian Viburnum burejaeticum tbd
Western Mountain Ash - Seedling Sorbus scopulina tbd Wild seedling, from birds or other critters
Wintergreen Gaultheria procumbens 2012
代做银行流水账单|定做银行流水账单|上海市代做银行流水账单|银行流水账单制作|定做证件 Prunus instititia Fruit 1974 Potted Plant Planted by my father, sourced locally
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