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Common Name Species Uses Date Acquired How Started Source X1 Y1
Asian Pear - Kosui Pyrus pyrifolia tbd 122.1 239.7
Asian Pear - Mishirasu Pyrus pyrifolia 2004 157.8 237.6
Asian Pear - Okusankichi Pyrus pyrifolia tbd 156.45 236.45
Asian Pear - Shinsui Pyrus pyrifolia 1997 118.3 237.5
Asian Pear - Yaguang Li Pyrus ussuriensis x phaeocarpa Fruit tbd Scionwood Lake Forest Park Farmers Market 157.1 237.3
Bamboo - Black Phyllostachys nigra 2003
Banana - Basjoo Musa basjoo Leaves for grilling fish and tamales 2004
Barberry - Darwins Berberis darwinii tbd
Barberry - Nepalese Berberis aristata tbd
Barberry - Regels Berberis regeliana tbd

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