*@ 491 @ Currant - Red-Flowering @ Blooms are a favorite of hummingbirds. Scarce fruit is refreshing, but not very flavorful. Fruit is rich in pectin so is a good addition to mixed fruit jam. @ end

*@ 489 @ Barberry - Rosemary @ A hybrid (B. darwinii x B. empetrifolia). The fruits are edible black berries. The leaves are slender and evergreen, with the branches looking similar to rosemary. @ end

*@ 485 @ Herb - Bay Laurel @ This bay laurel tree has survived the coldest winters recorded in my backyard (+5'F). It also has survived multiple moves. The leaves are essential for certain dishes in the kitchen. @ end

*@ 479 @ Grape - St. Pepin x Vineland 53091 @ female, white, cross by David Johnson. David says "The plant is a distinct improvement over the Vineland 53091 as it is mildew free on my site.
Unfortunately, it has the female flowers of Saint Pepin as well." @ end

*@ 476 @ Herb - Apple Mint Seedling @ I grew this from seed decades ago. Smells faintly of apples. I find it unpleasant fresh, but chopped up it is pretty good. Not my favorite, but spreads like a weed. @ end

*@ 468 @ Rubus - Taiwanese Creeping Raspberry @ Fantastic ground cover. Forms a thick mat preventing any weeds from gaining a foothold. White flowers for bees followed by orange raspberries for nibbling. Native to zone 7 mountains of Taiwan. @ end

*@ 434 @ Apple - Toko @ Parentage: Golden Delicious x Indo
Origin: Japan
Introduced: 1963
Developed by: Aomori Apple Research Station

Greenish yellow, firm, crisp, aromatic and slightly subacid. Flavor and keeping quality are excellent. @ end

*@ 428 @ Rosehip - Chestnut Rose @ The rosehips are green and barbed when unripe - looking like chestnuts. The ripe hips taste like apricots. @ end

*@ 413 @ Currant - Coastal Black Gooseberry @ A gooseberry that is native to the Seattle area. It was eaten fresh by the native people. @ end

*@ 409 @ Apple - Red Alkmene @ Parentage: Cox's Orange Pippin x Oldenburg
Origin: Germany
Introduced: 1930
Developed by: Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
Fertility: Self-sterile
Also known as Early Windsor
Ripens early September @ end


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